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Retargeting isn't just for e-tailors anymore.

All kinds of businesses and causes can use retargeting to deliver their message to their most receptive audiences. Here are a few of our specialties -

For Broadcasters

Retargeting is a Powerful Tool to help you build Audience Loyalty, Ratings and Revenue

Non-Profit Organizations & Campaigns

Every site visitor is a potential influencer

For Agencies

All of your clients should be doing retargeting.

It’s the starting point for every business’s online promotion and prospect outreach. Gen Media Partners, the parent company of, deals with hundreds of national and regional ad agencies across the country. is designed to be a resource for you – let us be your primary vendor for your retargeting for all your clients.

We understand the buying process and how to help you put plans together for your clients. Retargeting is a crucial part of online marketing – and it’s different from running general market campaigns. It needs to be ongoing, and you want to give your clients specific Quarter-by-Quarter strategies for it. You need a vendor that specializes in it.

Contact us today and let’s develop a plan for your clients.

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