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All About Retargeting

How does all this work? Here you will find a collection of Tips, Tricks, How-To's and more on Retargeting & Online Advertising. We want to give you all the tools you need to be successful.

What is Retargeting?

RETARGETING allows you to capture visitors to your site and advertise to them after they have left. We use the most cutting-edge RTB engines to reach your target audiences with the messages you want to send them. You determine the message, the frequency, the demographics, the budget, and multiple criteria.

Beyond Retargeting

Want to bring new people to your site? Let us do a Look-Alike campaign for you.

What is a Look-Alike Campaign?

We can build on your retargeting by creating behavioral profiles of the people visiting your site, and then finding new people that match those profiles. That way, we use what we learn from your retargeting to attract new visitors to your site that are most likely to convert when they get there. The behavioral profiles are based on the kinds of websites people tend to go to online, purchases, demographic and geographic information. When we find matches, we can target them for your ads. This also allows us to target people going to your competitors’ sites.

We find doing targeting of new people based on your current visitors and buyers is the most cost-effective way to bring potential new customers to your site. We call those Look-Alike campaigns.

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